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Jeff FAQ

The population of grad students and postdocs is relatively modest because I like to stay close to the data. Also, I rarely travel and I'm generally a "hands on" kind of PI--this means I'm always around and enjoy helping move projects along.

That depends... I expect to work with people that are highly motivated to do experiments and enjoy thinking deeply about data.  You should know more about the topic/project you're working on than anyone else. I'll be asking you about the results of your last experiment on a daily basis. You should also be OK with me doing experiments for your project--I've contributed data to many papers from the lab. 

Thanks for asking--you're a unique and beautiful snowflake! I look for people that are good at critical thinking. Having good hands is equally important. It's always great when people can bring new techniques to the lab. Also, strong analytical skills (i.e. ability to code) is a big benefit.

That's Zoe. If you really are in this for the dog pictures, you can see more here.

Um... you won't find me there or on any other social media site. I do science because I like figuring out how stuff works--publishing findings in peer reviewed journals is the platform that works best for me.  A lab website is more than enough self-promotion.